A Fun Suspect

Solve a Super Quick Mystery:
Guess Who!
A Familiar Suspect
Interrogating a Happy Ending

     The anxiety in the Interrogation Room hypnotizes the suspect’s confidence into second-guesses, as the door opens.

      “Well…well…well,” a familiar voice arrives. “Who do we have here?”
      “Wow,” you say. “Dedra Kare! Detective, what a pleasure to…”
      “Sit back down,” she demands. “After what you did, and after what you didn’t do, you dare to offer me an ‘artificial smile?’”
      “What did I do,” you ask. “And what did I not do? I’m confused.”
      “What a surprise,” another character replies and enters.
      “Detective Corey,” you recognize. “Hi.”
      “Are you?” Janine Kare mocks as she too walks in. “You look dizzy for no reason.”
      “Okay clearly I’m missing something,” you offer. “Why am I here? And what’s the charge?”
      “I’ll ask the questions,” Dedra insists. “But first, sign the confession.”
      “Wait-a-minute,” you reply. “Confession? But I didn’t do anything! I was just … reading.”
      “Exactly,” Janine says smiling at your confusion.
      “Look,” Dedra explains to you, “the confession simply says you’ve read our book AND you promise to provide an honest, casual, book review.”
      “Yeah,” Janine adds. “Write 2 sentences, or you’ll serve 2 sentences.”
      “Do I need a lawyer,” you ask. “Is failing to do this really a crime?”
      “It’s a favor,” Dedra admits.
      “Please,” little Kayleen appears. “I’ll give you my pen.”

The End (Is Up to You!)

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